Programme development

Our mission is to increase the number of highly qualified women in positions of influence. Many companies want that, too. Do you want to create offerings that are attractive to talented women in STEM fields and that encourage them to come and stay? We can develop customized career and leadership programmes that are a formative experience and build the foundation for a strong network of future women leaders in your organization.

Your USP

We work closely with you to design a development and qualification programme that meets the needs of your talent and is customized to the requirements of your organization. It is therefore a unique offer that will help you retain highly qualified women, keep them for the long term or attract new ones.

The Femtec Spirit

For the participants of our Career and Leadership programmes, we build a “safe space” for the personal exchange of experiences and mutual collegial support. In this way, we lay the foundation for a strong network in your company.

Participants are strengthened in terms of content through offerings that support them in reflecting on and planning their careers as well as their own strategic positioning in the organization. At the same time, we work with them to develop the leadership skills they need to navigate safely and in their own personal way through complex social, economic and technological transformation processes that involve many uncertainties.

If you offer participants the opportunity to actively shape development processes in your organization, they will soon enrich your organization with innovation, creativity and their strong personalities.

Best Practice

Excelle – Personal Leadership for Female Trainees (ABB)

Two-module curriculum with peer coaching elements over a six-month period focusing on career development and (self-)leadership:

Consecutive workshops on

  1. Gender and Diversity,
  2. Individual Location Determination and Goal Development,
  3. Negotiation Leadership,
  4. Self-Efficacy and personal Influence as well
  5. Co-Creation and Steering in Transformation Processes.
Edoardo Ambrosi

Edoardo Ambrosi Head of European University Relations and Early Talent Management ABB Europa

“The cooperation with Femtec is characterized by a high level of professionalism and expertise in promoting talent in the STEM field. In addition, Femtec is characterized by a high level of customer and needs orientation, which enables flexible formats. Due to these always positive experiences, I personally recommend Femtec for a cooperation in the area of executive development.”

Edoardo Ambrosi

Edoardo Ambrosi Head of European University Relations and Early Talent Management ABB Europa

For more information, click here: ABB – Female training program “Excelle”.

Impressions from Excelle – For FEMALE TRAINEES (ABB)