Femtec Network

The Femtec Network includes large international technology companies on the one hand, and leading technical universities and HAW universities on the other. The alumnae of Career-Building are the closest allies in the network – part of them are organised in Femtec Alumnae e.V. In addition, we cooperate with numerous partners in order to realize our goals together:

  • Companies & research institutes
  • Universities
  • Universities of applied sciences (HAW)
  • Cooperation partners

Companies and research institutes

The Femtec Network is composed of well-known, internationally active partner companies and research institutes.

Career-Building Programme

Career-Building Elements


Femtec cooperates with leading technical universities in Germany and Switzerland.

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Universities of Applied Sciences (HAW)

Femtec cooperates with all universities in the HAWtech University Alliance for applied sciences. HAWtech combines the six leading universities of applied sciences in Germany in the STEM field to join forces.

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Femtec Allies

Femtec works together with several cooperation partners whose goal is to strengthen equal opportunities, diversity and sustainability.

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