Talent Take Off

Which contents and activities belong to which professions? Which skills and abilities are important for which occupations? Which (training) pathways lead to which occupations? And: which personal strengths and abilities do I have that I can contribute myself?

These questions are a burning issue for many students  and it is often not easy to find an answer. Because it takes time and inspiration to become clear about one’s own interests and dreams. There exists a multitude of professions, training and study opportunities. A well-founded decision can only be made if one feels properly informed and advised.

How does that work? The best way is to collect information, try it out and have many conversations. At the end of the day, however, the most important question is one that each and every one must  answer on their own: does this suit me?

The “Talent Take Off” study orientation programme is aimed at STEM enthusiasts who want to gain an insight into STEM subjects and professions, who wish to know more about what “applied research” actually means, and who want to exchange ideas with other STEM talents. It comprises three modules:

Talent Take Off – Getting Started

A compact six-day elective course for students from grade 10 upwards that gives an insight into the jungle of STEM subjects.

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Talent Take Off – Gaining Speed

Four-day course for first year students about the job description of a researcher, using the example of Fraunhofer including training on learning strategies and time management (1st - 3rd semester).

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Talent Take Off – Building Networks

Four-day networking event for schoolchildren and students with topical lectures, various exciting researchers, insights into Fraunhofer careers and with many other STEM talents from all over Germany. For all alumni of the Fraunhofer Young Talent Programmes and newcomers.

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