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Women are successful engineers. Women are Nobel Prize winners in the natural sciences. Women fly into space as astronauts. Female talent is indispensable for business and science. Femtec GmbH was founded in 2001 by EAF Berlin and TU Berlin with the aim of connecting female STEM students in business and science and supporting them in their personal career development.

Our goal is to develop young female talent for STEM professions: Femtec qualifies excellent STEM talents already in school and offers determined female students excellent career prospects with the Career-Building Scholarship. The offer is supplemented by career consulting for professionals as well as and customized diversity programme development for organizations. These women, well-known technology companies and leading scientific institutions, technical universities and universities of applied sciences together form the successful Femtec network.

Female empowerment is an essential part of our work. However, our pursuit of greater gender parity is not limited to cisgender women; it includes all individuals who are underrepresented due to their gender identity.
We recognize that the binary concept of women and men does not reflect the lived reality of everyone, and we strongly invite all trans and non-binary individuals to participate in our programmes.
While we do not specialize exclusively in gender inclusion, we treat diverse backgrounds and identities with sensitivity and appreciation.

Our vision

At Femtec, we know that female STEM talents can achieve anything they can imagine. We support them with targeted training, excellent industry contacts and a strong network. We promote and strengthen individuals who pursue clear goals and who are creative and courageous. In short: women who inspire others and want to play an active role in shaping our society and future.

Our vision is to establish diversity in the workforce of organisations so that male-dominated structures are broken down, to create space for a sustainable and socially fair society. In times of rapid technological progress, we create new opportunities for exchange and synergy – so that the diversity we strive for, with all its facets and perspectives, is represented in the world of tomorrow.

Strong Network

The Femtec Network forms a unique network of top class partners from business, science as well as students, graduates and other professionals.

As a scholarship holder of the Career-Building Scholarship, you will already get to know a large number of young women who are enthusiastic about technology and science. Together with the employees of our partner companies, universities and colleges, innovative solutions are developed for current challenges. The interdisciplinary exchange enriches all participants.
In addition, the network among each other is strengthened by the fact that our scholarship holders also exchange information about their own careers, professional experiences or support each other for social commitment.

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Femtec Award

Since 2018 we have been presenting our Femtec Award for outstanding performance, special commitment and exciting innovative ideas. Since 2018, we have been awarding the categories Leadership, Innovation and Social Impact to people and initiatives who set an example through their actions, motivate others or make an important contribution to our society.

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For us, Femtec means commitment with heart and soul, creativity and team spirit! Due to different expertise and competence in the team we realize projects and products with high quality, to the satisfaction of our clients. As a team we are an important partner and initiator for the development, consulting and networking of female STEM talents.

Marion Zeßner Managing Director

+49 1590 411 3457 Marion.Zessner@femtec.org

Martin Harz-Vrátil Strategic Projects, Cooperations and PR

+49 1590 4113446 Martin.Harz-Vratil@femtec.org

Sarah Rüger Programme Management Career-Building

+49 1590 4113447 Sarah.Rueger@femtec.org

Elisa Bußkamp Talent Management Career-Building

+49 1590 411 34 48 Elisa.Busskamp@femtec.org

Anne Buttelmann Operations Management Career-Building

+49 163 7423864 Anne.Buttelmann@femtec.org

Mareike Beckert

Mareike Beckert Talent Management Talent Take Off

+49 163 74 14 676 Mareike.Beckert@femtec.org

Gesa Hoch Social Media and PR

+49 176 13463677 Gesa.Hoch@femtec.org

Katrin Simon Business Administration

+49 163 74 14 675 Katrin.Simon@femtec.org

Sophia Steindel Project Assistance Operations Management


Hannah Ober Project Assistance Talent Management



Here we inform you about current job offers at Femtec. Become part of a strong team that promotes female MINT talent.

Interns & Working Students

We are always happy to receive proactive applications for student assistants.
Please send your documents directly to: zessner@femtec.org