Femtec Award

Since 2018 we have granted the Femtec Award for outstanding performance, special commitment, and inspiring innovative ideas. In the categories Leadership, Innovation and Social Impact, we honour people and initiatives that set examples through their actions, motivate others or make an important contribution to our society.

For the category “Leadership” we are looking for positive role models who inspire their own team with authentic leadership and give people individual freedom to further their own development. We emphasize in particular the aspect of promoting intercultural, diverse and progressive understanding.

In the “Social Impact” category, we award prizes to people and initiatives who are a source of inspiration for diversity in society through their own initiative – often beyond their professional or academic duties. Our focus here is on plans, ideas or projects that contribute to social change.

Creative visionaries of a different future who are forward-thinking and have the courage to initiate change and set new impulses are honoured in the category “Innovation“. We want to recognize pioneers with self-initiative and entrepreneurial thinking who aim for a more sustainable future with their innovative products or services.

The nomination phase for the FEMTEC AWARDS 2020 has begun.

This year, we are focusing in particular on the following topics, which should be reflected in the nominations

  • successfully addressing with the Covid-19 pandemic, and
  • determined commitment to anti-racism.

Especially in these times we want to set a signal for a more just, diverse society, in which standing united must be an essential for the prosperity of all.

People or initiatives can be nominated until the 15th of August 2020 by sending an email with a short statement of why you want to nominate exactly this person, to: harz-vratil@femtec.org

A jury of all committees of the Femtec Network will then review the nominations and select the winners. The award ceremony will take place in September. Further information will follow.

The award winners of the last two years:


  • Category Leadership: Claudia Kessler
  • Category Innovation: Nina Langen
  • Category Social Impact: Jasmine Justen

You can find further information here: https://www.femtec.org/femtec-awards-2019-preistraegerinnen-in-den-kategorien-leadership-innovation-und-social-impact-ausgezeichnet/


  • Category Leadership: Luise Schneider
  • Category Innovation: Ye Ji Park
  • Category Social Impact: Sarah Ungar