Rebecca Bräuer

1. Why did you apply?

Firstly, I noticed the excursions to the various companies. That was the chance to get to know many different companies in a very short time. In addition, I had the impression that the workshops covered what the subjects that you don’t usually get the opportunity for  during your studies – namely the interface topics between studies and career.

2. What is your personal highlight to date?

My personal highlight is the innovation workshop, where relationships with my team colleagues have developed into real friendships.

3. How do you experience the network?

The Femtec Network is a network that offers security, in which you always find an answer for everything and are always supported. And yes, it is also  work, meaning “work serving a certain larger task” (Duden). This network must be maintained and the bigger task is to support each other so that each can find answers for her own life, in his career as well as in his private life.

4. What would you recommend to applicants?

Apply! Openly approach all challenges. This is the only way to find out what you already know and where you can learn from others.

5. What do you think will be your most important insight?

The exchange of experiences and opinions as well as the open handling of mistakes is like giving and taking from which both sides profit.

“The Femtec Network is a network that offers security, in which you can always find an answer for everything, and you will always be supported.”

Rebecca Bräuer, Course 34, Diploma Mechanical Engineering (TU Dresden)