Meike Zehlike

1. What was the best thing about the Femtec programme? What inspired and influenced you the most?

The seminars and the network with the other women. The seminars have helped me a lot in my personal development and in finding out what I want to achieve in life and how I can achieve it. The other women inspired me and helped me with advice and tips. I can certainly say that I owe a large part of what I have achieved to Femtec and the Alumnae Association.

2. What would you recommend to current scholarship holders, what is your message?

Networking, networking. Help each other and strengthen each other. Make use of all the support offers available at the moment. And if it doesn’t work -just try again, that’s life. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t, but if you know where you want to go, you’ll get there one day.

3. What does the network mean to you? What distinguishes Femtec from other networks?

I find Femtec more personal and intimate. I have the feeling that I can ask almost anything here and I am always helped. In addition, I have rarely seen so many women in one place who are so competent and at the same time so committed. We have great respect for each other and know that we can rely on each other.

4. Why did you apply to Femtec at the time?

I had a flyer in my mailbox and thought I’d give it a try.

5. Where was the Femtec Network useful / helpful? What do you still profit from today?

Almost everywhere on my professional way. I asked the women for advice during my first salary negotiations, when applying for scholarships, when I had problems with my doctoral supervisor, I got interesting contacts through it and have the feeling that I am  part of a very nice community.

“I can say that I owe a large part of what I have achieved to Femtec and the Alumnae Association.”

Meike Zehlike, Ph. D., Femtec Alumna (formerly Course 15) Scientific Assistant, Max-Plack-Institute Saarbrücken