Ariane Beckert

1. When and why did you decide to partner with Femtec?

We have been involved from the very beginning, since Femtec was founded in 2001, formerly as Daimler AG, we have been an integral part of the network. It is important to us to accompany, support and promote women on their career paths.

2. What is special about Femtec graduates and scholarship holders?

Femtec graduates and scholarship holders are optimally prepared for a future leadership role through the Femtec Career-Building Programme. Through the Femtec Network, they gain a wide range of insights into different companies and can thus expand their wealth of experience.

3. What does the Femtec Network mean for your organisation?

We value the exchange. The Femtec Network gives us the opportunity to get in touch with outstanding women from technical study programmes over a longer period of time and to get them interested in our company.

Together with these young talents, we want to drive the new technologies forward. In close exchange with our departments we offer many interesting areas of responsibility to start their careers. Together we continue to push our goal of having even more women in management positions.

4. What are your messages to the female scholarship holders?

We consider women, especially from technical degree programmes, a great boon to and an important part of our company. Together we are working passionately on our vision of leading sustainable transportation offering not only personal but also professional development, an international environment and agile and networked work. Our Trucks and Buses aim to achieve both, a C02 neutral drive and more safety for all road user. This offers the opportunity to be involved in the impact on society.

5. How do you perceive the Femtec Network?

The Femtec Network is a great association of cross-industry companies and renowned universities with the common goal of supporting women with a technical background. This gives the scholarship holders the best opportunities to gain experience in a wide range of industries and to prepare themselves for their professional life. The constructive exchange within the network makes it possible to react jointly to changes and new trends and thus to keep the Career-Building Programme continuously attractive.


“Femtec graduates and scholarship holders are optimally prepared for a future leadership role through the Femtec Career-Building Programme.”

Ariane Beckert Global Talent Recruiting at Daimler Truck AG