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01.07.2020, Berlin

Shaping the future together: Rising IT star Celonis is new partner company of the Femtec network

The new big player in enterprise software Celonis – founded in 2011 by three students of the Technical University of Munich, and Femtec – career catalyser and talent pool for female STEM students, together announce a new strategic partnership.

Especially in the software sector, the IT market is growing consistently at an annual rate of around 6% (1) and talented new employees are in constant demand in order to keep up with this growth.Last year alone, for example, German SMEs created about 20,000 new jobs. (2)

Companies in this male-dominated field can no longer afford to ignore half of the talent market. With this in mind, Celonis, the market leader in AI-enhanced Process Mining and Process Excellence software, therefore sought out  this new partnership with the Femtec career network. Celonis’ AI-supported process mining technology, which won the German President’s Award in 2019, creates frictionless experiences and superfluid  operations for global enterprises.

The company, with headquarters in Munich and New York, currently employs approximately 70% male and 30% female employees. With this new partnership Celonis wants to focus on promoting female STEM talents as early as possible and inspire them to join the world of digital process optimisation. “At present, female talents are still seriously underrepresented in the IT sector: on average, only 17% of all professionals (3) are female. We are proud that at Celonis we are above this average with almost 30%. Yet with our partnership we are pursuing two goals all at once – to inspire even more women for the software industry in the future and ideally to motivate them to join Celonis! We are very pleased that this step will further develop our internal diversity and strengthen our social commitment”, says Fabian Veit, Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs at Celonis.

“Our declared goal is to support highly qualified female graduates with a strong passion for IT and innovation to enter new business fields and to actively participate in Celonis’ corporate and product development in the future“, Veit continues.

This goes perfectly with Femtec’s mission, who is pationate about increaing the number of highly qualified women in influential positions in business, science and industry, and connect them with each other. “Statistically, only every seventh application (4) is from a female student within the IT sector. Especially in an industry that is as focused on growth as IT, we not only want to accompany change, but to actively drive it forward. With our career-building and leadership programmes, we prepare highly motivated, STEM-enthusiastic women for these positions. Therefore, we are especially pleased that Celonis has decided to cooperate with us”, says Marion Zeßner, Managing Director at Femtec. “We are convinced that the agility and innovative power of this young and successful software company will provide our network with inspiring ideas and at the same time offer our scholarship holders exciting career opportunities”.

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About Celonis:
Celonis, the leading provider of Process Mining and Process Excellence software, transforms data into insights and actions. The Intelligent Business Cloud enables companies to quickly understand and improve the operational backbone of their business. Companies around the world, including Siemens, 3M, Airbus, and Vodafone, rely on Celonis to take action and drive change in business processes, resulting in millions of dollars in savings and an improved experience for their customers. The company is based in Munich and New York.

Further information can be found on the web: https://www.celonis.com/de/
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About Femtec:
Femtec GmbH was founded in 2001 at the TU Berlin with the aim of better networking female STEM talents in business and science and supporting them in their personal career development. Femtec partners with twelve international technology companies – ABB AG, Boston Consulting Group, Celonis SE, Robert Bosch GmbH, BP Europa SE, Daimler AG, EnBW AG, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Porsche AG, Procter & Gamble, Deutsche Telekom AG and ZF Friedrichshafen AG – as well as leading technical universities of the TU9 network and ETH Zurich.

Further information online: www.femtec.org
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Fabian Veit, Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs at Celonis
Marion Zeßner, Managing Director bei Femtec
Marion Zeßner, Managing Director at Femtec