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Career-building Programme

You, along with 50 other young motivated female technophiles, will have the opportunity to personally get to know our partner companies from the industries in three semesters. You will broaden your soft skills, acquire management and leadership skills, and work on solutions for current issues concerning technology at an innovation workshop with one of our partner companies. You will also have the opportunity to do an internship or your dissertation at one of our partner companies, which enables you to create deep connections. In the interim, take advantage of the individual advice in the Careerbuilding Programme, to define and implement your job and career goals.

FAQ for students interested in Femtec's Career-building Programme


Schooldates 2019:

Winterschool 2019
1. School 11.-16.03.2019, excursion 18.-22.03.2019
2. School 8.-15.03.2019, excursion 18.-22.03.2018
3. School 11.-15.03.2019 

Summerschool 2019
1. School 09.-14.09.2019,  excursion 16.-19.09.2019
2. School 06.-13.09.2019,  excursion 16.-19.09.2019
3. School 09.-13.09.2019

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