Hinter den Kulissen: Mentoring-Erfahrungen bei Procter & Gamble

A network thrives on a diverse exchange, different encounters and learning from and with each other. Following this approach, we established a mentoring programme for our Femteccies and our partner company, Proctor & Gamble. We pricked up our ears and learned from Peter’s (P&G, Peter is Director FemCare Packaging Europe & AMA, Technical Recruiting Leader Europe) and Sophie’s (Femtec Alumnae, Class 41) valuable experiences.

Why did Proctor & Gamble participate in the mentoring program with Femtec? 

Peter: Proctor & Gamble participated in the mentoring program with Femtec to support the developing and promotion of female talent in STEM fields. P&G recognizes that equality and inclusion in the workplace are essential for innovation and success and thus help and support female students to be prepared for leadership positions in the future.

Sophie: As a Femteccie, I participated in the program to build a strong and trusting mentorship relationship with an experienced industry expert. It was further important to me to receive a sneak peek into Proctor and Gamble, one of the world’s longest-standing multinational companies that cherish its traditions while being at the forefront of innovation and progressive organization models supporting leadership development.

How was the overall experience of the mentoring program, and what was its setup? 

Peter: The overall experience of the mentoring program was extremely positive, and it created an even strong partnership between Proctor & Gamble and Femtec on an organizational level and great mentoring experiences on a personal one. 

Sophie: Peter’s and my mentor/mentee’s experiences have been overwhelmingly positive, ranging from professional and personal advice to academic discussions to barbeque evenings at his house with my partner and me. Moreover, Peter encouraged me to apply for P&G’s future female leaders‘ event at their German headquarters. It was an inspiring two-day event with workshops, laboratory visits and networking events, and it provided me with insights into the industry that I did not have before.

What were the most important learnings you took away, or what did you find anything interesting/surprising? 

Sophie: One of the most important learnings from the mentoring program was the value of (female) mentorship in STEM fields. Coming from a family without any industrial or corporate background, discussing difficult situations with Peter either in preparation for them or in retrospective reflection was really helpful. Peter probably saved me from putting a huge foot in my mouth a couple of times – thanks, Peter!

Peter: For me, it was incredibly rewarding to get perspective from the young generation of excellent and bright individuals and understand their way of thinking and what is important. These learnings have helped me to adjust my own priorities and to become a better coach for young people.

What do you like about this program? (*)

We both appreciate that the mentoring program provides female STEM students access to mentors who can offer valuable insights and advice. It is crucial that this exchange happens in the private and „safe space“ environment of a trusted mentoring relationship that has been officially signed up and matched by experts of both parties, Femtec as well as P&G. The program also provides opportunities for professional development and networking, which is essential for building a successful career in STEM. Finally, the partnership between Proctor & Gamble and Femtec demonstrates a commitment to promoting Equality and Inclusion in the workplace, an essential component of today’s business world. Showing this is a valid expectation will help make our world a better place.