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Zonta International

Since the 1920s, Zonta’s international network of women has been active in Germany. It was a network even before the word “network” was coined. Since its inception, working women from a wide range of professions have been volunteering their time to foster women’s rights, as well as various women’s projects. Today, there are 132 clubs in Germany with approximately 4,000 members. In 1994, the Regional Clubs of the Union of German Zonta Clubs merged. Zonta’s members are politically active and work on legal matters concerning women’s health, equal pay, or for improving the balance between family and career. In the day-to-day business of the Club, service projects are given the highest priority. Zonta’s members not only donate their money to support women’s projects on the local, national, and international levels, but also donate their time through volunteer work and personal dedication.

Young Talent Needs Support

Both the Union of German Zonta Clubs and Zonta International support talented young women by offering competitions, awards, and scholarships (e.g., the Amelia Earhardt Fellowship Scholarship: nationwide youth research competition in the area of geophysics and space science). Since 2006, Femtec has supported the Union of German Zonta Clubs. Zonta’s members are involved in workshops with schoolgirls, and female students of the Careerbuilding Programme receive, when needed, scholarships from Zonta (e.g. for internships abroad). Since 2011, Zonta has successfully run a joint mentoring programme with Femtec.Alumnae e.V.




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