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ZF Joins the Femtec Network

ZF Friedrichshafen AG is expanding its activities to attract qualified, young women as junior employees for technical occupations. The technology company in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology signed a cooperation agreement with the Femtec network on Monday. Femtec helps young women in the fields of engineering and science to plan and organize their studies and careers.

As a cooperation partner of Femtec, ZF will be able to offer female participants internships and thesis projects, as well as excursions that provide a glimpse into the working world at a technology company. In addition, ZF employees of both sexes will function as mentors for the Femtec participants as they embark on their careers. As a member of the Femtec Council, ZF also injects practical experience into the career program from a company point of view.

Find the complete press release here.

J├╝rgen Holeksa, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Director of Labor Relations at ZF, and Femtec's Managing Director Renate Lohmann signed a cooperation agreement on Monday.

Photo: ZF

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