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The Femtec team comprises experienced international management and personnel consultants, trainers with sound practical experience in business, as well as a scientific co-operation with universities. With the vast know-how of the team, Femtec is an important partner and catalyst in finding and promoting female STEM specialists and junior executives.

Name Area of Responsibility

Marion Zeßner

phone: +49 30/314-25921

Managing Director
Substitute for the areas Public Relations and Young Talents

Charlotte Blum

phone: +49 30/314-22612


Program Manager Careerbuilding

Martin Harz-Vrátil

phone: +49 30/314-27349

Productline Manager,  Public Relations, 

Birgit Nistler (freelancer)

phone: +49 (0)175/ 201 3431

Personnel Consultancy

Marcel Okrug
phone: +49 30/314-25714

Operations Manager Careerbuilding Programme

Lara-Katharina Schmidt
phone: +49 30/314-75775

Operations Manager Young Talents

Constanze Schultze (on parental leave)
phone: +49 30/314-29137

Productline Manager Young Talents

Katrin Simon
phone: +49 30/314-26920

Business Administration

The Femtec Team

From left to right:Constanze Schultze, Luise Walther,  Ulrike Dittrich, Martin Harz-Vrátil, Charlotte Blum, Katrin Simon, Lara Schmidt, Marion Zeßner

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