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Refinery of the Future: Femtec students present the results of BP’s innovation workshop of BP

In an innovation workshop, participants of the Femtec career-building program worked on issues concerning a sustainable fuel production at BP, one of Femtec’s partner companies. All workshop participants were students of either mechanical engineering, mathematics, physics or industrial engineering. The outcome is a vision of the "refinery of the future" and a concept for guidance and possible measures for sustainable fuel production of the BP refinery in Lingen, Germany.
On 11th of January 2016, the students presented their results to BP Europa SE specialists and executives of the company in Bochum, Germany. 

Dr. Dagmar Beiermann of the BP refinery in Lingen:
"The elaborated overall concept shows that we can use different modules in order to actively shape the energy transition towards sustainable mobility."

Michael Schmidt, CEO of BP Europa SE:
"I am pleased of student’s professional commitment and results. It is exciting to see how the proposals of our own experts have been theoretically assessed by the students to operate the refinery and chemical energy more sustainable. "

The results and measures were further discussed with experts from the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy and will now be evaluated by BP.
Innovation workshops are an integral part of the career-building program of Femtec. They are used to give the students a practical insight into the work of the partner companies and allow participants to gain important experience and extend their professional network.




12 Femtec Students, professionals of BP together with Michael Schmidt (3rd righthand), CEO of BP Europa SE and Renate Lohmann, Managing Director of Femtec.GmbH (2nd righthand) during presentation of innovation workshop’s results in Bochum. © BP 2016

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