Contents and Goals

The modular character of the intended programme offering should have several dimensions. To this end, the project will identify the intensity with which the following topics will be incorporated as the focus of a possible curriculum:

  1. Breaking up isolation during studies and strengthening exchange
  2. Facilitating the transition to careers in business and science, increasing visibility
  3. Enable successful action in responsible positions; build a network

The flexible offer features attractive learning objectives across the modules that support STEM students in their development and create a stable network:

  • Build and maintain their own network
  • Develop own strengths and consolidate self-worth
  • Develop resilience and tolerance of ambiguity
  • Strengthen the ability to innovate and co-create, use agile forms of work
  • Get an overview of possible career options, identify career anchors and recognise potential
  • Acting successfully in male-dominated industries and professional fields
  • Aiming to actively shape the future as a female pioneer