Partner Companies

We are looking for you as partners from business and research who want to attract talent and at the same time strengthen diversity not only within your company but in society.

Our vision is joint success

  • Strengthening diverse career opportunities for female students
  • Focused and bundled approach and recruitment of talents at several universities
  • Competence-based selection of female students for potential entry-level formats
  • Tangible Employer Branding and marketing opportunities at participating universities
  • Engagement and collaboration with other organizations to strengthen diverse workforces
  • Needs-based approach allows for co-design of content and formats

Participation is possible even before the start of the programme

Close to the market and your needs: We focus on your priorities and invite you to participate in the project even before the programme starts.

Universities of Applied Sciences (HAW) and potential partner companies are to be involved in the conception and content coordination from the very beginning. For this purpose, the environment is integrated from the beginning with market and demand analysis.
A modular and demand-oriented structure in the conception phase can increase the attractiveness of all participants by combining virtual formats with presence elements. Here, a flexible fit to the pre-defined framework can be focused.
In a pilot phase, it is possible to start the format with a smaller number of participants or selected HAWs – and then successively expand it.

For us, a combination of small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and corporations is ideal. We strive for a regional focus and specialization of focal points in order to make “Hidden Champions” visible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the project manager Martin Harz-Vrátil.