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New to the Network: Teambuilding for Course 27 at the Winter School 2015

Right at the beginning of the Femtec-School, new participants are being welcomed by the course ahead of them. Accordingly, the old course organizes the reception, with Femtec only providing location and funds. The main aim: A smooth integration into the network, feeling welcomed and making new friends that may even last for a lifetime. Ines Röbbecke, who helped with organizing the evening, is sure that as students of STEM subjects, Femtec participants bring a lot of courage and strength. Because of this, course 26 chose “Strong as a Team” as the motto of the reception, in order to stress the strength that arises from teams and especially from the Femtec Network.

Femtec participants learn about the best ways to make long lasting contacts and connections – like here at the Career and Company event with employees of our partner companies

Photo: Femtec/Jacek Ruta

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