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You will meet company representatives at our regular events, such as the Femtec.Network meets day during the schools, the excursions or the summer party.
You will see engineers live in action at work and at exclusive discussion groups.
You will experience first-hand the most current technological developments in our partner companies and will be able to work on these issues at our innovation workshops.
You will meet a number of young women – who are just as enthusiastic about technology and the natural sciences as you are.

The Regional Femtec.Network

Conflict management in Karlsruhe, refreshments in Zurich, climbing in Berlin – our partner universities' coordinators offer all participants location-specific events at one of Femtec’s nine locations in Germany and Switzerland.
Representatives of Femtec’s partner companies are regular guests at our events and openly discuss topics such as working in a technical field, achieving a work-life balance, or juggling children and career. In certain cities, Femtec students and alumnae also meet to discuss their studies, prior internships, and everyday professional life, or meet up privately.

Annual Summer Festival (here 2018)


Impressionen unserer Events