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MINT interdisziplinär – die MINT Zukunftskonferenz von MINT Zukunft schaffen

With the transition from an industrial society to a knowledge and creativity based one, the requirements for the STEM education also change. Instead of a rigid, technology-only based perspective, we need creative, interdisciplinary approaches. Numerous STEM initiatives are already crossdisciplinary, including maker garages, competitions for STEM and art, sport or music schools with a focus on STEM, screenwriters, MINT scientist and many more.

In order to discuss, the opportunities and potentials of this education, the initiative „MINT Zukunft schaffen“ invites to its yearly future conference in Berlin under the topic „MINT Quer – Potentiale der Crossdisziplinarität für die MINT Bildung“ (STEM – potentials for cross disciplinary approaches in the STEM education). Besides presentations by experts, the focus lies on best-practices. Furthermore the traditional tribute to the voluntary STEM embassadors will be hold.

The event will take place on December 12th from 10 am to 5 pm in the German Ministry of Economy, Invalidenstr. 48, 10115 Berlin.

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