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Femtec puts great emphasis on exchanging knowledge and networking. Therefore, all active and former participants of the Careerbuilding Programme are accessible on a separate communication platform on the Internet – the VCAT (Virtual Communication and Training).

At the heart of the VCAT is Femtec’s central database, which allows the participants to network amongst themselves. Femtec scholarship recipients can create their own profiles and include internships, stays abroad, etc. The “Address Book” enables you to find other Femtec participants or alumnae by experience where you can exchange valuable information directly. Or you will be the one found by making yourself available as an “expert”.

Furthermore, you can find information about entry-level and professional development opportunities at the partner companies, job advertisements – in some cases, specifically for participants of the Programme – and contact information for the representatives at the partner companies on VCAT.

You can also use the VCAT for group projects, e.g. the innovation workshop – to work on documents together, to store documents for “your “course, or to chat with each other. Moreover, the School’s course materials are uploaded on VCAT, so you always have access to your handouts.

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