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Innovation Workshop with Robert Bosch GmbH about Parking Innovations of the Future

On behalf of Robert Bosch GmbH, 31 students of Femtec's Career-building Programme have been working since March 2015 on parking innovations of the future, developing solutions for the individual transport. After the intermediate presentation at the end of April, the presentation of the final results took place on July 14 in Leonberg. Numerous experts and managers were present. At the following discussion, the pleasant and effecitve co-operation between the students and the company were highlighted, as well as the innovative ideas the participants came up with. The students therefore obtained deep insight into the innovation management of a company. The backup of the results will be ensued in a final report of 200 pages - the possibility of final papers to continue the evolvement of the ideas is planned.

Participants of the innovation workshop with Dr.-Ing. Matthias Karl, their reference person at Robert Bosch GmbH.

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