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Innovation Workshop with Porsche AG: Femtec-students of course 27 present their project results.

Many Femtec-students of course 27 took part in the final presentation of the innovation workshop with Porsche AG in Stuttgart on July 21, 2016. Highlight of the day was the handing over of the certificates as well as the get-together with all members of the board of Porsche AG in the development center in Weissach.

Within the past months and in three work groups, the students analysed the methods of integrating optical measurement systems into the car development as well as into the production. Besides the theoretical implementation of the processes, the students focusssed on the planning, the implementation as well as on the evaluation of the test measurements. The experts showed much appreciation for the students' practical results and recommendations.

Four months of intense project work are completed: The participants of Femtec innovation workshop with Porsche AG present their results.

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