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Managing Director: Marion Zeßner (since 2018)

Supervisory Board:

  • Dr. Thomas Kathöfer (since 2014), Chairman: Managing Director of AiF German Federation of Industrial Research
  • Dr. Helga Lukoschat, Vice Chairwoman (since 2016): Chair Person of the Board of EAF Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. Angela Ittel (since 2016): Vice-President for International Affairs and Teacher Education of TU Berlin

Femtec’s work is supported by the Advisory Board. Their members are appointed from amongst the partner universities and companies of Femtec by the General Assembly.

General Assembly:

  • Kathrin Mahler-Walter (since 2015): Executive Member of the Managing Board of EAF Berlin
  • Ulrike Schmidtberg (since 2009): Manager of the Executive Department Institutional Cooperations of the President of TU Berlin


Technische Universität Berlin

EAF Berlin initiated the foundation of Femtec.GmbH. 

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