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Femtec welcomes new talents to this year's Summer School!

Tomorrow, Femtec's Summer School 2017 is going to start. We, the Femtec team, are very excited to welcome and get to know the 150 new stipendiaries.

Next to insightful trainings and workshops, the participants are invited to seize the numerous opportunities to network with notable technology companies as well as leading scientific institutions from our partner network. We will end the week by celebrating the Femtec.Network on our annual summer party on September 22, 2017.

We are excited to see you there!
Your Femtec team


Source: Femtec
The Femtec team

Left to right:
Constanze Schultze, Martin Harz-Vrátil, Luise Walther, Pia Sommer, Charlotte Blum, Tabea Kossen, Katrin Simon, Marion Zeßner

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