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Femtec Meets Edition F's Female Future Force!

How to apply successfully for your dream job? Charlotte Blum, head of the Femtec Careerbuilding Program, knows the answer! For years Femtec has successfully hosted seminars to prep their scholars for their application process. Those tips and tricks, dos and don’ts will now be available in an online coaching at the Female Future Force Academy by Edition F, which will launch in September, Femtec cooperating with Freigang Application Consulting who specialize in this area. Members of the academy will have access to exciting online coachings covering a broad variety of career and life related topics. An invitation to the “Female Future Force Insights Berlin" event on the 28th of September in Berlin is also included. If you want to participate in Ms. Blums online coaching, you can still sign up here!

Great atmosphere at Edition F's shooting for the webinar "Application" as part of the Female Future Force Academy!

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