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Creating a STEM Future

“Creating a STEM Future” is a non-profit educational initiative of German business with the objective of promoting education in the STEM fields. “Creating a STEM Future” wants to bring STEM education closer to pupils and teachers in schools and universities, as well as parents and companies, by highlighting the wide-ranging career prospects and the possibility to shape the future, as well as serve as a multiple platform for all existing and successful STEM initiatives in Germany. “Creating a STEM Future” wants to increase the profile of a STEM education and make the public aware of the importance of STEM. Most of all, however, the “Creating a STEM Future” initiative wants to arouse the enthusiasm for STEM and inform the public about the rewarding opportunities a career in STEM can provide.

Since May 2012, Femtec has been a partner of the “Creating a STEM Future” initiative and has worked with the working group “Talent Reserves” of the National STEM Forum. In May 2014, Femtec was represented on the podium of the 2nd National STEM Summit.

STEM Ambassadors

The interview with Claudia Nemat, a STEM Ambassador and a member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management, Europe and Technology, can be seen here. Constanze Schultze serves as a STEM Ambassador on behalf of Femtec.

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