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For many years, Zonta International, a leading global network for professional women, has supported Femtec’s programmes. Zonta’s members act as role models for schoolgirls. Female students of the Career-building Programme are supported through scholarships, when needed, and members of the Femtec.Alumnae e.V. are able to benefit from the extensive experience provided by Zonta’s members through a mentoring programme.

Since 2012, Femtec has collaborated with the Creating a STEM Future initiative, which is sponsored by German business and operates under the umbrella organisation, the National STEM Forum, in the working group “Talent Reserves”. Femtec was represented in 2016/2017 with a STEM ambassador and took part in the conference "Across STEM – Potentials of Crossing Disciplinaries for STEM Education". Find more information about this event here.

In 2015, Femtec became a member of the MINT-EC Excellence Centre, a national network of schools focused on STEM. MINT-EC includes 212 schools with a secondary level II qualification, as well as a well-defined STEM profile.

Femtec not only co-operates with its partner companies and universities, but also with other organisations.

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