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Breaking New Ground at Femtec!

The dream of many motor-car fans: Catching a glimpse of Daimler's assembly hangars! Flying around the world in seconds and visiting the factories of Mercedes Benz-Cars - vision for the future or closer to reality than you might think? Or: Imagining innovative and pioneering possibilities based on renewable energy sources with BP - a great task for our scholars, too, who are always very keen on sustainability.

Two groups of our participants worked on solutions for those different topics, cooperating for several months very closely with our partner companies Daimler AG and BP Europa SE. While one group focused on further possible uses of "Daimler Plant View" (the "Street View" of production halls and office areas), the other group suggested multiple innovative methods to increase energy efficiency at BP's refinery process.

During the last weeks, the concluding presentations took place on-site, proposing impressive results. The intense and highly relevant work on these issues were a great opportunity for our students to gain practical insights into the companies, while also being able to establish direct first contact.

Many thanks to our partners Daimler AG and BP Europa SE, who made this possible!

The participants gained a lot of experience - and these awards!

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