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Applied Research Live: Register Now for “Talent Take Off – Network” of Femtec and Fraunhofer

Can information scientists save lives? Can chemists make blind persons see again? Those questions will be answered by Alexander Köhn of Fraunhofer MEVIS (Bremen) and Dr. Joachmin Storsberg of Fraunhofer IAP (Potsdam) at “Talent Take Off – Network” from June 25 – 28, 2015 in Berlin. Mr. Köhn, for example, invented an app to support split liver transplantations, and Dr. Storsberg created artificial hard skin with his team.

Here, you can get into a conversation with scientists about their careers and participate in various workshops: “Science Slam”, “Programming Apps with the MIT-APP-Inventor”, “The Wikification of the World” or “Tracking the Ethics of Science”.

The target audiences are university students in the STEM area as well as pupils from 10th grade on. Femtec, TU Berlin and Fraunhofer have supported young STEM academics since as early as 2009 with this programme of orientation and networking.

It is still possible to apply for the workshop until May 15, 2015.

Check out “Talent Take Off – Network” 2014 on YouTube.

Establishing contact and one’s own network is a priority at this meeting of STEM talent.

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